Monday, April 14, 2008

no more nomophobia?

Nomophobia: n. The fear of being out of mobile phone contact.

Luckily, I don't suffer from it, as I am currently without my cell phone as it participates in a increasingly losing duel with a couple dragons. Why would my phone be dueling with a few dragons? Well, it all started when I went to the UCF SGA sponsored trip to Islands of Adventure last Friday dubbed "Universal Knights" [oh, the knight/night puns never get old :P]. I had a great time, despite boarding the 'Fire' rollercoaster with a phone and departing it without one. Oh well, hopefully the valiant park workers can manage to rescue it.

Anywho. Other interesting things that have happened of late include:

>The Knights for the Arts event, which was fun. I definitely plan on doing it again if I they have it again. The pieces I submitted were Tranquility and Entropy.

>Going to see SAY ANYTHING at the Disney House of Blues two weekends ago, as well as Weatherbox [if you can call what they did music], Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Love [they were okay], and Manchester Orchestra [I didn't like them]. Say Anything was awesome and since HOB allows moshing [Hard Rock doesn't], everyone was going crazy :P It was fun.

>My friends and I taught ourselves [from rewatching YouTube quality video] an abbreviated version of the 'El Tango de Roxanne' from Moulin Rouge as our group demo in our ballroom dancing class. It was kind of amazing, if I do say so myself. Check it out for yourself!

>The EGN1007 [Engineering Properties and Methods] Great Navel Orange Race was help last Friday, where the 500 UCF engineering freshman students raced their boat/submarine devices around the Reflection Pond while carrying an orange - and not using remote control. It was very... entertaining, to say the least. The winning boat completed the course in a rumored 16 seconds [actual time pending] - which basically means it flew around the fountain. Yay for engineering.

>Honors Congress had a volunteer trip to Habitat for Humanity on Saturday and I went. I had a great time - especially cutting wood planks with a circular saw. =D I'm definitely planning on doing that again.

So yeah, I think this has been a long enough entry. yay for having 14 days
[including weekends and finals] left in this semester!

Friday, April 04, 2008

stuck on gorilla glue

Hello. Have you ever used the wonderful adhesive known to the world as Gorilla Glue? It uses a special combination of chemicals and magic to hold even your toughest pieces of wood or body parts together. Be careful though: the bottle warns you not to get it on your clothes or your skin - and its right. My fingers are currently an exhibit of the bad side of Gorilla Glue.

Why would I be using Gorilla Glue, one may ask. Well, other than the fact that it makes a perfect dipping sauce for all your dipping needs, it is being used for the construction of my engineering group's Great Navel Orange Race boat, which will be racing at UCF's Reflection Pond next Friday. Check back to see what happens :) Other things that have gone on recently include:

- Going to see PARAMORE/Phantom Planet/Meese/Conditions at the Hard Rock Live last Thursday!!! It was an amazing concert and I love Phantom Planet and Paramore infinitely more now that I've seen how awesome they are live.
- Learning to surf at the Ron Jon Surf School in Cocoa Beach last Saturday! It was an Academic event I planned for Honors Congress and it was fantastic. My friends and I are planning to go surfing weekly during the summer and I cannot wait.
- I will be participating in the "Knights for the Arts" event tonight, displaying two of my photographs. I think I'll be getting back into doing my art once I have more free time over the summer. Its definitely something to look forward to ^.^

So yeah. The moral of today's entry? Gorilla Glue: good if ingested, lethal on your hands.