Thursday, February 19, 2009


One can be overwhelmed and one can be underwhelmed - but can one just be whelmed? I had a discussion about this a while back with some friends and it came back to me earlier. Its an pause-worthy thought...

Anyway, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed recently, only because so many things are going on at once. For instance:

>Robotics: I haven't been posting about it as much this season, but its still happening and we shipped our robots [1251 (my team) collaborated with teams 1902 and 408 to make triplets] on Tuesday after an epic 4 day build-marathon. [Pics can be found here.] I'm still recovering...

>Birthdays: there will have been 6 significant birthdays within two weeks come next Tuesday, each of which requiring its own set of planning/secrecy/execution/etc. Its alot of fun, but it is alot in general.

>Schoolwork: so far this semester has been great, and my first set of tests came back well. However, I definitely am starting to fall behind - and putting off papers/skipping class out of sheer exhaustion isn't helping too much @.@

>Frisbee: I've been to 2 competitions so far this semester, going to another one this weekend in Baton Rouge [leaving Friday morning,coming back early Monday morning, 20hour drive round-trip]. Should definitely be interesting, since us girls will be playing on a mixed team with the B-Team guys.

>Nothings: I have fallen wayyyy behind with the uploading of my "Photo A Day" photos on Flickr and hence this blog, but I am taking them so I'll post them eventually...

Until next time...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Book Review: "The Hunger Games"

Don't worry, I don't spoil books - and I loathe people who take pleasure in doing such.

I stumbled across this book as a recommendation from one of my favorite authors on her website; as most authors tend to not recommend books on their own websites, I took heed and managed to procure a copy from my local public library a couple weeks ago. Fast forward to this past weekend when I took a quick trip to Jamaica and needed a break from studying. I started reading it yesterday [Sunday] morning while we were waiting for our ride to the airport - and I read straight through the entire 2 hour trip to the airport, through the 2 hour wait at the airport, on the initial plane trip to Montego Bay, through the connecting flight to Miami, on the entire drive home from the airport [no, I wasn't driving - i haven't mastered the art of driving and reading yet...just kidding, that's a big no no, even for bookaholics like me], and the minute I got back to my dorm at UCF, finishing it well within 24 hours. It has been a while since a book has drawn me in so completely.

The story takes place in the future in the remains of what is now known as North America. The nation [called Panem] has The Capital and 12 outlying districts, each district divided by its main export [coal, agriculture, manufactured goods, etc]. Every year the districts are forced to send 1 girl and 1 boy between the ages of 12 and 18 to participate in The Hunger Games, a fight-to-the-death competition in which there can only be 1 victor. The games are one of the ways the Capital reminds the districts that they are at the Capitol's mercy and are forced to submit to it.

The story follows a girl from district 12 named Katniss and right from the get-go, its enthralling to read her story. The characters are unforgettable, the plot very unique, with a very original story line, lots of action and intrigue - as well as a cliffhanger that screams for a second book [Catching Fire, which has been confirmed to be arriving in stores on September 1]. I would recommend this book to anyone [girl OR boy] who likes an excellent story, a relatively quick read [370+ pages, as opposed to HP or Twilight...], and unforgettable characters who you will find yourself rooting for without even realizing it.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

2009 Fave Superbowl Commercials

Its that time of year again! I was actually not as impressed overall by the commercials this year...the game definitely made up for it though. I don't follow professional football, but it was a very good game to watch regardless. Below are my favorite commercials from Suberbowl XLIII - Enhancement Issue

I haven't ever been to, but their commercials sure make people want to go see what's going on... - You may need a new job...

It may be annoying, but the glasses-wearing koala muttering 'oh dear' in a British accent makes this commercial awesome

--BudLight: Budget Cuts

Defenestration, for the win.

--Coca Cola: Insect Heist

Too cute for words - and the animation is excellent.

--Pepsi: Bob Dylan and Will.I.Am

This commercial makes me very just shows that no matter what, there are some parts of life that will always be constant and lasting, no matter how modernized technology is and how much Google crashing can ruin someone's day :)