Thursday, June 25, 2009

[sisterly love]

A conversation I had on Facebook with my little sister Jennifer. Note: she's 12, insisted on getting a Facebook despite me telling her not to, has no idea how to use it, and swears everything my brothers tell her [ages 17 and 14] is correct. She's great =D

(10:06am) Melissa: hi

(10:07am) Jennifer: hello

(10:07am) Melissa: what smiley? i didn't send you a smiley

i sent you a bumper sticker

(10:07am) Jennifer: a bumper sticker


(10:08am) Melissa:you click on it and then add the bumper sticker application

then you'll see the sticker i sent you

(10:08am) Jennifer: where do u go 2 find it?

(10:09am) Melissa: gah, never mind

i'll show you when you come up next week

(10:09am) Jennifer: ok

(10:09am) Melissa: there is no transformers 3

(10:09am) Jennifer: yes there is

came out yesterday

newton saw it wit oneal

(10:09am) Melissa: .....................................

that's transformers 2


(10:10am) Jennifer: its called revenge of the fallen


(10:10am) Melissa:

read that article

see the link? it says 'transformers 2'

what is the title of the article that it leads to?

(10:11am) Jennifer: y do always have to look into stuff like that?

(10:11am) Melissa: YOU







(10:11am) Jennifer: shutup u tard

(10:11am) Melissa: ummm, i repeat:








(10:12am) Jennifer: they said it wuz 3 cuz they saw 1 and 2 already

(10:12am) Melissa: THERE. IS. NO. TRANSFORMERS. 3.

they played you baddddd

and you fell for it


(10:12am) Jennifer: then wat came out yesterday?

(10:12am) Melissa: transformers 2. are you not listening to me?

(10:13am) Jennifer: cuz i saw 1 and 2

(10:13am) Melissa: no you didn't

gah, stop talking to me

(10:14am) Jennifer: watever u liar

wats gah?

(10:14am) Melissa: "It is the sequel to 2007's Transformers, which was the first live action Transformers film. "

(10:14am) Jennifer: is it rainin up there like everyday?

(10:14am) Melissa: what does that say?

(10:14am) Jennifer: wat does wat say

(10:14am) Melissa: no, its not raining, its just unnaturally hot

'gah' is a sound of frustration made by people when other people are being stupid

(10:15am) Jennifer: u dont write it!

(10:15am) Melissa: i can write what i want

(10:15am) Jennifer: yur tellin me:(

(10:18am) Jennifer: were r u?


no seriously

(10:22am) Melissa: ok ttyl

(10:22am) Jennifer: bye

wers my bumper?


(10:22am) Melissa: btw, read my blog; i'm about to post our conversation and let people know how awesomely dumb you can be <3

(10:22am) Jennifer: nooooooooo!

dont u dare!

(10:23am) Melissa: :)

(10:24am) Jennifer: dont post it!

(10:24am) Melissa: peace

(10:24am) Jennifer: melissa!

I love my sister <3

Monday, June 15, 2009


I do not watch the show South Park very often, mainly because I just don't watch television that often*. Of the episodes I have seen, many of them sucked - like "The China Problem" where Indiana Jones gets violated by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, or "Hell on Earth 2006" in which, among other stupid things, Steve Irwin gets parodied in hell literally weeks after his death.

However, there have been some very good ones. Some of my personal favorites are:
> Canada on Strike, in which Canada goes on a strike to gain the respect of the world. Its not particularly philosphically inspiring, but it has some very funny and quotable moments.

> Go God Go, part 1 and part 2. Hands down my favorite South Park episodes ever. Richard Dawkins, famed atheist and evolutionary biologist, is brought in to teach the kids about evolution, while Cartman cannot wait three weeks to get his Wii and cryogenically freezes himself [by accident] for a few thousand years. Chaos and philosophical battles [gasp!] ensue.

> Chinpokomon, an episode telling about the fickle nature of society and fad toys, like Pokemon. In the episode, the Japanese are using Chinpokomon to brainwash America's children in a plot to destroy Pearl Harbor. It all seems to be going according to plan until the parents realize that the only way to get their kids to stop liking Chinpokomon is to start liking it themselves; it works and the Japanese plot is foiled.

And that brings me to the point of this post: Facebook is rapidly becoming undesirable due to the fact that more and more parents are joining it and gaining access to their children's Facebook lives. [My Parents Joined Facebook is a funny site to visit if you are ever bored.] Now, I am not saying that older people getting cyber-savvy is a bad thing; in fact, I applaud it and am working on getting my mother more comfortable with texting and emailing me.

However, I constantly see when friends will update their statuses or post a link to a funny article and their parents will berate them or annoy them about it - ON FACEBOOK! It drives me nuts and I'm not even the one getting the parental talkdown. Of course, one should always follow the rule of never posting anything on Facebook your mother or grandmother would disapprove of, but that would vastly limit your content, seeing as they are from a different time and generation.

This brings to mind another point though: one day WE are going to be the parents and our kids will be joining Facebook. That will definitely be an interesting dilemma, but we'll cross that bridge when [if] we get to it.

Now I will still be an avid user of Facebook [as long as it stays free] and I would probably add my mother if she ever got around to learning about the addiction that is Facebook. However, she would definitely be seeing a limited version of my profile and I definitely see an long-term Chinpokomon-like dissatisfaction brewing among us college-aged users with the introduction of more parents to Facebook.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Award Show Travesty

Yesterday was the 2009 MTV Movie Awards Show. I have personally banned MTV out of my life [Why? Turn it on. Done.], but as a not-so-secret Twilight fan [though I am NOT a raving mad fangirl like the media seems to think EVERY Twilight fan is...] I tuned in for the world premiere of the New Moon [twilight 2] trailer, as well as the exclusive clips of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Transformers 2.

Last year, MTV revealed exclusive clips like these during the pre-show red carpet interviews - so of course everyone [myself included] watched the previews and tuned out of the abysmal "awards show" [if you can call it that]. Realizing their mistake, MTV decided to reveal the clips during the award show, making people watch their torturous mockery of the entertainment industry, also known as the MTV Movie Awards.

Andy Samberg hosted and there was a funny intro reel of him being inserted into some popular films as a show opener. Unfortunately it all went downhill from there. I won't really go into it, but there was:
> a performance by Eminem [I muted it]
> Bruno [Sasha Baron Cohen] flying in on stunt ropes, only to end up crotch-first on Eminem [MTV condones teabagging] causing Eminem to storm out
> a Transformers clip that was full of random shots of Megan Fox and was overall unimpressive
> a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince clip that was very good [that movie is going to be great]
> the world premiere of the New Moon teaser [I. Cannot. Wait. Until. November 20].
> other random and stupid things, like Keifer Sutherland crying himself to death on Ben Stiller's shoulder and Twilight winning in every category it entered [Best Kiss, Best Fight, Best Breakthrough Male Performance-Rob Pattinson, Best Female Performance-Kristen Stewart and (gag) Best Movie] except the one it actually should have won in [Best Song, Decode by Paramore]

Honestly, I love the Twilight series and the movie was okay [New Moon's going to be way better], but it does NOT deserve to win the Best Movie award, even at a poor excuse of an awards show like the MTV Movie Awards, when its against movies like The Dark Knight and Slumdog Millionaire. Either way, MTV realized that the only reason the vast majority of viewers were watching for was the New Moon preview, so much so that they mentioned Twilight/Robert Pattinson at every given opportunity and even went as far as to play a fake trailer before they got around to the real thing.

Lesson learned? Do. Not. Watch. MTV. Just wait for the trailers/exclusive clips to get online, which, I would like to note, they did within a few minutes of the television premiere ending.